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I have actually had Ridgebacks almost continuously since 1975, when I rescued a ridgeless Ridgeback named Obo in Chapel Hill, N.C.  Having had dogs all my life, I was taken by surprise by Obo's nobility, athleticism, and companionship.  Dogless from about 1985 to 1990, when the time was right, I purchased an RR female from a breeder in Connecticut.  Supposedly a pet, Penelope lived the life of an old ridgeback, running freely on some 100 acres right behind my home.  When I moved to Chicago, I decided I wanted to breed her to obtain another as graceful and beautiful.  After talking to several old time breeders, pillars of the field, they too were taken by Penelope's exceptional quality.  She would be bred, but only if I agreed to show her and abide by the ethics of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US.  I agreed and much to my surprise Penelope took to the show ring like a natural...something her owner is still trying to master.  Considered one of the very best examples of what an RR female should look like, Penelope won many awards as a veteran at national specialties and received the highest recognition of the national club.  Penelope went on to produce some of the top show and stud dogs and many gorgeous females.  Truly a remarkable RR, I was very fortunate to have acquired her as the foundation of the Parnassus line.

My purpose in breeding has always been to approximate and embody the US Rhodesian Ridgeback Conformation Standard as best as I can, carrying the RR with distinction through another generation of breeders.

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